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Windows NT and Unix Integration- Gene Henriksen


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Gene Henriksen is also the author of UnixWare 7 System Administration.

Philosophically, I'm with Scott McNealy of Sun- we should eat our own dog food and Windows is crap that we should have nothing to do with. Realistically, however, that won't put much bread on the table. You may be fortunate enough not to have to work directly with Windows machines, but it's pretty likely that the ugly beasties are going to be part of your network and your life.

Gene Henriksen doesn't seem to have the bitter distaste for Windows that I have, and thus he's able to write more dispassionately about it, and he really does a good job. This book would actually be useful to the Unix type forced to learn Windows and vice-versa, because Gene has filled it with plenty of little tidbits that help either camp understand the other. On the Unix side, Solaris, SCO and Linux are all discussed. The Windows side is all NT, with little attention to 95/98, but I don't think that's a problem. The coverage of NT should give even the most isolated Unix-head enough of a general introduction to feel more comfortable with any Windows platform. The reverse of that is also true: the Windows type scared silly of Unix should have most of their terror put down by this book.

If that was all the book was, I'd recommend it. But it's more, because it also specifically addresses a number of third-party products including Hummingbird, Suns PCNFS, SAMBA and Visionfs. There's even a section on Tarantella. All aspects of cross-platform communication, file-sharing and printing are covered both generically and specifically.

This one's a keeper.

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