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Network+ Exam Guide

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Amazon Order (or just read more about) Network+ Exam Guide- Jonathan Feldman

This is another winner from Que. It covers basic networking topics, missing very little of importance and with a high amount of accuracy- by that I mean that there are a few little glitches or possible confusions here and there, but generally it is correct and on the mark.

As with other Que Exam books, it includes a preface to each chapter that asks you some questions to think about while reading, and answers those at the end of the chapter, and then provides a chapter test with answers, and ( I like this) an explanation of why the right answer is right and why the wrong answers are wrong. The questions are generally intelligent and useful. There's also a CD that has a nicely done test engine (appx. 250 questions) that has answers and pointers to the appropriate section of the book that is related. The only gripe possible is that this is a Windows program; I installed it under Win4lin without difficulty.

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