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Mastering Red Hat Linux 6

© November 1999 Tony Lawrence

Amazon Order (or just read more about) Mastering Red Hat Linux 6- Arman Danesh

I generally don't like any book that has "Mastering" in its title. That usually means fluff or worse, and certainly almost never presents anything that would really lead to mastery of a subject.

This book is not the exception, but it is nonetheless very good, so I'll forgive the title just this once. It concentrates specifically on Red Hat 6, which makes it much more useful than the typical Linux guide that flops all over the place trying to cover everything on the market. And while nothing short of years of experience ever lets you "master" anything, this really is an excellent starting point. I would not hesitate to recommend this to anyone starting out with Red Hat. The technical balance is good; it's not fluff and the level of explanation is, I think, mostly quite appropriate.

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