Mac OS X in a Nutshell

  • Jason McIntosh,Chris Toporek & Chris Stone
  • O'Reilly
  • 0596009437

This is one of the better Nutshell books. At close to 800 pages, it's jam packed with everything you would want to know about OS X. It's current through 10.2, and seems to have been updated as late as 2005.

This is a techy style book. It's not a hold your hand book, but it isn't an entirely dry reference work either. It's something in between, and it is very well done.

In addition to a detailed command reference and an extensive faq-like how-to section, there are complete chapters on networking, printing, scripting and development, X windows and more. Very complete, very well written.

The command reference section is extensive and seems to be very complete. This isn't just a rehashing of man pages, and doesn't just pick up the most common stuff. I checked for a number of the more obscure Mac OS X specific commands that nobody ever mentions: this book has them.

The Development section is more than 100 pages itself. Although I really haven't even started to look at OS X development tools yet, this looks like a very good introduction.

This section was removed from later editions.

Overall, this is the most complete Mac OS X book I've reviewed to date. I definitely recommend it without any hesitation.

Tony Lawrence 2003/03/04 Rating: 4.0

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