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Mac OS X Support Essentials

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  • Mac OS X Support Essentials
  • Kevin M. White
  • Peachpit Press
  • 978-0-321-48981-4

I found this disappointing. It may meet its intended goal of preparing someone for the Apple Certified Support Professional Exam, but it is just a lightweight and superficial romp at best. I can't imagine anyone walking away from reading this feeling that they have really gained anything useful.

Definitely not worth the money unless your goal is certification and you just want something to prep you for the test.

Tony Lawrence 2008-04-03 Rating: 2.5

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Thu Apr 3 21:29:56 2008: 3938   matx

Have you check out the Server Essentials 2nd edition? It covers all the new Leopard stuff.

Fri Apr 4 12:31:25 2008: 3939   TonyLawrence

From reading the Amazon reviews, I'd guess that book has the same problems I complained about here.

Kerio Samepage

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