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Linux System Administration

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I like the concept of this book. This isn't about "Learning Linux", this is about what administrators actually do, and although the focus is Linux, in many ways it applies very much to any Unix administrator.

The preface describes it as a "non-technical book for technical readers", and that apparent oxymoron is quite accurate- but don't get the idea that this is entirely non-technical; it isn't. However, the technical parts are more pointers and overviews than specifics- think of it like a Chrysler auto mechanic explaining things to an experienced Ford mechanic who has switched dealerships- that's the general tone here (though perhaps not quite to that extent- there is some basic coverage).

Every chapter ends with pointers to URL's, Linux HOWTO's and other books that relate to that chapter. There's troubleshooting advice scattered throughout, and an appendix devoted to emergencies.

All in all, very worth while. A definite buy if you are running Linux, and you might even like it if you are not.

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