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Linux File Systems

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October 2001

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"Linux File Systems" covers its subject thoroughly, including new features such as the VFS implementation and raw i/o through kiobufs. Detailed coverage of LVM, software RAID, extfs, xfs. IBM's JFS and the Reiserfs pretty well covers anything you'd want or need to know.

But it's not entirely trustworthy. For example, the book includes the "Linux Partition HOW-To" as an appendix. That was written in 1997, and therefore refers to limitations like 128 MB swap partitions which have since changed. You'd expect to find oudated info in an old book (or an old web post!) but not in something just published. However, most of the book is up to date (as of October 2001).

Generally, concepts are explained well. This isn't just raw code dumps with comments (though there is a lot of that): there's a lot of good explanatory material. If you want to know the how and why of file systems, this is a good place to start.

Moshe Bar is also the author of Linux Internals.

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