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The iPhone Developers Cookbook

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  • The iPhone Developers Cookbook
  • Erica Sadun
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This title was mentioned frequently when I was looking for good books to get me started with iPhone/iPad programming. There were a few negative comments - one particular jibe from a college professor was especially cutting. He's probably one who gets all snitty if a students indentation style doesn't match his own, so I ignored that.

Other complaints bothered me more. ".. a bunch of not always working code without proper explanations for beginners" doesn't give you great confidence. However, there were far more positive reviews, so I placed my order and waited for its arrival.

I assumed that this would be a cookbook and that as such it wouldn't be useful to me until I mastered basic skills (turning on the stove, knowing where the knives are). Because of that, I didn't really look at this until I had already read several other books and spent a week or so on the web and in Xcode fumbling around. That may have been a mistake, because there are some introductory chapters here that really cleared up a lot of confusion for me. It's possible that I wouldn't have been able to understand that material without the things I had read and done before, so it may not have been a huge mistake, but those chapters really did straighten out many things for me.

That said, this really isn't a beginners book. I would suggest it as a companion to a more basic book (I'll be reviewing one of those tomorrow). In fact, that's where the author positions it. However, I wouldn't say that you should put this off: if you are buying a basic book now, add this one to the cart because it will answer questions for you and as you do start learning how the stove works, you will find this helpful..

It is the nature of the beast that this is already out of date. That's the frustrating thing about being new to this: you are trying to run up a staircase that is growing quickly at the other end. Other reviewers pointed out SDK changes that came out just after this books publication and as I write this the 4.0 SDK is only a few months away. You just have to accept that the things you learn from Erica and other sources won't stay constant and may not even represent the state of development art right now. Undoubtedly there are forums where you could keep up with the cutting edge, but those would be far over my head now, so I really appreciate books like this.

Tony Lawrence 2010-04-27 Rating: 4.0

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