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Intellectual Property and Open Source

© September 2008 Anthony Lawrence

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  • Intellectual Property and Open Source
  • Van Lindberg
  • O'Reilly
  • 9780596517960

This covers everything from patents and copyrights to reverse engineering and employee agreements. It carefully explains everything you would want to know about open source licensing, including well done contrasts of the various strengths and weaknesses of popular licenses.

The author is both a lawyer and a programmer. His explanations of legal issues are often couched in programming terms; in fact he goes so far as to describe law as being very similar to a programming language. This makes the book very readable and quite enjoyable for anyone with a programming background.

I particularly enjoyed the detailed dissection of a typical patent (the Amazon "1-Click" patent), the contrasts of various licensing choices, and the section on reverse engineering. The warnings about employee contracts weren't of interest to me because I am self employed, but surely are good advice for most folks who may be dabbling in some side dream while toiling away in a cubilcle somewhere.

This is well written, clear, and very complete. Highly recommended.

Tony Lawrence 2008-09-01 Rating: 4.5

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-> Exploration of patents, copyright and trademarks as applied to open source

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