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Unix for the Impatient

This is a no-nonsense, cut to the chase, I'm not an idiot how do I do this? book. Excellent for people otherwise comfortable with computers but new to Unix, and contains enough of the exotic and the arcane to be of value to anyone.

If this had been published when I was first struggling with Unix, I surely would have carried it with me everywhere I went. It is what Unix man pages should be: packed with examples and editorial explanation. This book is for the technically savvy: it's not the Idiot's Guide to Unix, and the examples are concise and to the point.

This also has use for those of us who find ourselves struggling with unfamiliar Unices now and then, because it covers both BSD and System V variants. Well written, useful, worth owning.

Tony Lawrence 1998/10/04 Rating: 5.0

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