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Hacking Exposed (Second Edition)- Scambray, McClure and Kurtz

Order (or just read more about) Hacking Exposed (Second Edition) from Amazon.com

Some reviewers have called this a "scary" book. I guess it is that, but more importantly it is an upsetting book, a gnawing pit of the stomach uneasy book, a book that will wake you up from a cold sleep with that awful feeling of dread.

At 702 large pages and over 3 lbs in weight, Hacking Exposed covers a tremendous range of material, from Windows 95 through Windows 2000, from Linux to Solaris. What's covered, of course, is system vulnerabilities, both general and specific, including the tools used to exploit and (hopefully) protect systems from, those vulnerabilities.

The coverage level is not basic- you'll need some knowledge of security, TCP/IP and operating systems in general to follow along. But you don't need any great depth, and even a complete neophyte could glean some ideas here.

You need to read this, and you need to read it NOW. Don't wait until you get to the bookstore, order it from Amazon with the link above right now while you are thinking of it- and spring for the over-night shipping; you want this in your hands as soon as possible.

There's a related website: https://www.hackingexposed.com.

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