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LPIC Prep Kit 101 General Linux 1

Not bad. This contains everything you need from an exam prep book, including some nice features I haven't seen in other books. Each chapter begins with a set of questions for you to think about while reading the chapter; the end of the chapter answers those questions and then presents a test. I liked that tests explain why the correct answer is correct and why each wrong answer is wrong; that's helpful when you are unclear about something. There's a separate "notes" booklet that contains pretty good notes for each chapter (though they should have left a little space for folks to write their own). There's also a CD that includes a Linux character based test with an impressive 250 questions.

The quality of the content is generally pretty good. There's a few left-field assertions, but very few- I'd give it high marks for accuracy. Both the review tests and the CD test are also very good- again, there's a few things I'd have philosophical disagreements with and a few things that are dead wrong, but very few. Overall, this is an excellent exam prep book.

Tony Lawrence 2008/08/01 Rating: 4.5

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