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Essential System Administration

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This is a good book for those of us who are apt to find ourselves trying to make something work on somebody else's flavor of Unix.

This new (December 1996) edition covers Solaris, SCO, Linux, Aix, HP/UX and Irix. It's now 788 pages, almost twice the size of the previous edition.

With specific regard to SCO, there are errors of omission, partly due to its publication date (1995). There is no mention of Unixware, neither the older versions nor Unixware 7, and Openserver R5 is also absent (though, strangely, scoadmin is mentioned, but that's all: simply mentioned). But even for its referent point of 3.2v4.2, there are still some small errors, mostly similar to its neglecting to mention copy when noting that this version did not support any recursive option to cp. That's pretty minor, though I'm sure it's reasonable to assume that similar errors or omissions have been made for the other versions covered.

Still, there is good knowledge here.

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