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Linux debugging and performance tuning:Tips and Techniques

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Prentice Hall is becoming my favorite publisher. The technical titles they've been coming out with lately are really great, and here's another.

As the "debugging" in the title might suggest, this book approaches from a programmers perpective more than an administrators. Thus, it's heavy on code, but doesn't entirely ignore system performance monitoring tools. The concentration is on code though, including kernel code. If you don't like programming, this is not your book.

On the other hand, if you do like it or at least are comfortable with coding, this covers a lot that isn't easily found all in one place. It especially covers debugging through the kernel level with the Linux Trace Toolkit and kernel level profiling with oprofile. The author suggests and explains how to use UML (User Mode Linux) to test and learn kernel debugging.

I'm past the time where this level of debugging interests me, but I can still appreciate the value of this book. This is heavy geek level stuff; excellent if that's your interest, but more than many reading here will be interested in.

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-> Linux debugging and performance tuning:Tips and Techniques

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