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CompTIA Network+ Study Guide

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  • CompTIA Network+ Study Guide
  • Todd Lammle
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Overall this is an excellent book. I have minor gripes, but they really are minor. If you are trying to prepare for the CompTIA Network+ certification exam, or are even just wanting to learn networking from the ground up, this is your book.

However: it is Windows centric. Unix/Linux barely get mentioned and all command examples are Windows with Windows syntax. It's quite possible that the CompTIA test is also biased toward Windows commands, so this may not be a grievous fault, but in the real world a good network tech can't afford to be so insular.

The book carries a 2009 copyright but parts of it are obviously dated. I don't know if there was an earlier edition that this pulled from, but it does read that way at times. On the other hand, it has definitely been updated with current information and again the test may still require antiquarian knowledge, so this isn't necessarily a bad thing.

I could quibble about presentation and organization. There are things I would have explained differently, there are places where I would have been sure to mention X while explaining Y. That's very minor: in general you'll find the author's chatty style both enjoyable and very understandable.

There is a CD included. It has a PDF version of the book and Windows based test questions and flashcards. Again, the choice of Windows instead of browser and Java based tools limits the value of the CD, but that's a minor complaint.

Tony Lawrence 2009-05-30 Rating: 4.5

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