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Pile of Books

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I've had a small pile of books accumulating here. Some are vaguely interesting, but nothing I really was hot to dive in to. The pile is too high, so I'll run through them all at once here.


Ruby on Rails does interest me. Since my first dabble last summer I haven't touched it again, but the desire is there. I've read about half of this book while doing things like waiting for an oil change and have left it beside my computer the rest of the time, awaiting a day where I can give it more attention. I like the authors writing style and way of explaining concepts, this does look like a good next step in my Ruby education.

The Official Ubuntu Book

I had reviewed a pre-release copy at The Official Ubuntu Book; this is finally officially out and available.

Enterprise Ajax

I liked Michael Morrison's Ajax Construction Kit better for an introduction to Ajax, but this might be the deep dive in you'd read after that. I just thumbed through this because I'm not Ajax comfy enough to get a lot of value from it - the value is obviously there, I'm just not ready for it. Too advanced for me, but some of you might eat this up.

Ajax Starter Kit

This is a very short "quick start guide" which includes a CD. As I still feel a bit spoiled by Michael Morrison's treatment as mentioned just above, I may not have been as favorable toward this as I might have been otherwise. It just failed to attract my interest, sorry.

Linux Starter Kit

This is another one I had reviewed pre-release; I haven't changed my mind about it.

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