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The Art of SEO

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  • The Art of SEO
  • Enge, Spencer, Fishkin, Stricchiola
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I hope this book helps put an end to ridiculously priced SEO "courses". It could also help eliminate some of the shadier practitioners of SEO, but I'd be happy if it just helps a few people avoid wasting money on nonsense.

This book isn't nonsense. It's a complete exposition of the state of SEO as it stands today. More than 500 pages cover everything you could ever hope to know about optimizing your website for search engines.

I've said before that it's unnecessary to pay for expensive courses to learn SEO because all of it, every single thing you'd ever need to know, is available on the Internet for free. That's still true, though of course the problem is that you have to find it and learn to discern good advice from bad, outdated concepts from those that reflect current reality. This book pulls everything together in 500 pages or so,

Of course it's not for everyone. It assumes some technical knowledge or at least access to someone with that knowledge. As an example, at several points 301 redirects are used as the solution certain SEO issues. Although some minor direction is given about implementing these, you'd need more than is provided here if you were a neophyte - someone using Blogger or Wordpress.com isn't going to become proficient with Apache from reading this.

The only small complaint I can make is that sometimes the authors use too many examples, especially for the more basic concepts at the beginning of the book. However, too many is far better than too few, so I won't complain too much. I definitely can't complain that they left anything out: this could serve as a course book for a SEO class.

So, once more: don't waste your money on expensive "courses" from self-styled Internet Gurus. Buy this instead. If you are already reasonably proficient in this area, this book can serve as a reference and refresher. Either way, I strongly recommend it.

Tony Lawrence 2009-05-03 Rating: 4.5

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Mon Dec 21 19:53:30 2009: 7784   rbailin



You neglected to point out, for the clueless like me, that SEO stands for search engine optimization (yes, I had to look at the Amazon link). Interestingly, you could have substituted a number of differenct acronyms for "SEO" and the article would still have made sense.


Mon Dec 21 20:04:10 2009: 7785   TonyLawrence



I guess it would. Server Extension Optimization maybe?

Wed Sep 8 12:17:53 2010: 8960   seo


I think you're a bit off here. Your article is based on the idea of using comments to create traffic. As commented that should not be a primary goal.

Wed Sep 8 12:31:06 2010: 8961   TonyLawrence



I don't even mention comments here. What on earth are you talking about?


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