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Apache Cookbook

You wouldn't want this as your ONLY Apache book. Too much left out, too much knowledge assumed. That's not a condemnation though: you would want this as a companion to Apache - The Definitive Guide. What this gives you is (mostly short) recipes or hints toward accomplishing specific tasks. I found it particularly interesting that they included discussion of situations for which there is no satisfactory answer - at least that stops you from searching fruitlessly.

I haven't finished reading this yet because I keep getting side-tracked by the recipes and running off to experiment. That's probably a pretty good endorsement right there. However, don't expect miracles. Apache can be a joy, but it can also be frustratingly stubborn. For example, I'm trying to get mod_speling (yep, it really is spelled that way) working on this site. So far, I've found nothing that gives me any success toward that goal (though this book did give me more insight that might turn out to be useful once I finally do find the real problem).

Duh - what I had forgotten was to add a "CheckSpelling On" directive in my config.. loading the mod_speling module doesn't do anything by itself!

  • Ken Coar & Rich Bowen
  • O'Reilly
  • 0596001916

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Tony Lawrence 2003/12/04 Rating: 4.5

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