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Apache-The Definitive Guide- (3rd Edition)

There's no doubt that Apache is the standard bearer for web servers. There also seems to be general agreement that Apache runs much faster than Netscape under most conditions. This might not matter a bit to you if all you are doing is running a small intranet server, but as things get larger and more complex, Apache looks more and more attractive.

Of course, configuring Apache is different than the web based administration that Netscape offers. Apache needs old fashioned hand editing. It's really not all that bad, but there is a lot to it, so a guide like this is important to have, especially when it was written and reviewd by key members of the Apache group.

By the way, Apache also runs under Windows. The authors say, however, that you really shouldn't run a "real" web site on Windows. They see the Windows version as something to design with while you get your Unix box ready. Their summation:

In plain English, this means, once again, that Win32 is not an adequate platform for running a web server that has any need for security.

That would be good advice for anyone contemplating running anything on Windows!

Tony Lawrence 1999/03/04 Rating: 4.5

Apache: The Definitive Guide (3rd Edition)

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