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From: Bela Lubkin <belal@sco.com>
Subject: Re: No more than 230 TCP connections.
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 23:29:37 GMT
References: <3e021940.0107160703.192ca193@posting.google.com> 

Jose Luis Isern wrote:

> We are using SCO OpenServer 5.0.5. We need to open about 500 TCP/IP
> connections. We have set NSTREAM = 600 and NSTRPAGES with the default
> value (500).
> To debug, from an HP-Ux system we are opening telnet sessions to port
> 21 on SCO server. When we get to 229 no more connections can be
> opened.
> This is what we get on syslog:
> Jul 13 17:12:46 sco9 inetd[310]: accept: (for ftp) No such device or
> address

You are running out of sockets.  Others have recommended that you
increase your number of pseudo-ttys, but that's not what you're running
out of.  (You might want to increase it anyway.)

You need to run `netconfig`, click on "SCO TCP/IP" below your NIC (not
the one below "Loopback driver").  Then go to [Protocol -> Modify
protocol configuration] and raise the number of TCP connections.  You
can also raise the number of pseudo ttys here.  These thing scost a bit
of memory, but not terribly much.  Try setting TCP connections to 1024,
pseudo ttys to 512.

> When our test was three connections per second, the results were the
> following (although the number of connections remained the same):

> In some test we also obtained the messages: 
> table_grow No memory available for edblock table
> table_grow No memory available for queue table

If this was with your original configuration of NSTRPAGES == 500, you
fixed it by increasing NSTRPAGES.  If this is still happening with
increased NSTRPAGES, TCP connections, and pseudo ttys, then you might
not have enough physical RAM.


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