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Tiny Suite

© July 2005 drag

Author: drag
Date: Thu Jul 28 13:01:44 2005
Subject: Tiny Suite

Interesting thing to me, if only for it's funny name. It's the Tiny ERP suite. Consists of "Tiny Project", "Tiny Accounting", "Tiny CRM", and "Tiny Marketing". All developed by the Tiny.be company.

All of it is GPL'd and is programmed using Python. They have source code downloads and if you lucky enough to be running Debian they have their own repository for you to use. :)

You can check out the Tiny Suite and watch demos consisting of flash animations at:
https://tinyproject.org/ tiny_suite.html (link dead)

They have a press release at:
https://tiny.be/ index.py/static /page/press_tinysuite (link dead)

BTW, I learned of this thru Lwn.net. First time I actually subscribed to a online resource and I was actually pleasently suprised. I think it may be worth it. They seem to have pretty decent news (very linux oriented).

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Thu Jul 28 13:52:06 2005: 895   TonyLawrence

I have two thoughts wrt subscription models like that. First, it's too much money: I think something like $12.00 a year or less is more like it. For crying out loud, how much money do you need? Based on their Netcraft, Alexa and Google ratings, I'm quite sure they could easily get 100,000 subscribers - do they really need six million dollars a year to support the place?

Secondly, without a recommendation from someone I trust (as you have done here), I doubt that I would take a chance.

At the end though, it still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Quite a few places use this "delayed content" idea, but I just don't like it, and remain grumpily opposed.

It does look like an excellent site, though..

Thu Jul 28 14:06:05 2005: 896   anonymous

Ya. I don't know if I like it so much either.

But I decided to give a try and see how much I use it. I figured I paid more for magazine subscriptions in the past, so if I go their all the time and get good information then that may be worth it. But otherwise I'll let my subscription die.


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