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Netscape 8 beta for win32 is out

© April 2005 bruceg

Author: bruceg
Date: Wed Apr 27 14:27:42 2005
Subject: Netscape 8 beta for win32 is out

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-> Netscape 8 beta for win32 is out


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Wed Apr 27 15:14:39 2005: 396   TonyLawrence

I'll wait for the Linux or Mac versions, because my wife is still pouting over me forcing her to use Firefox instead of IE.. :-)

Wed Apr 27 17:40:14 2005: 401   bruceg2004

After using Firefox, or any browser that has tabbed browsing, I do not know how I could stand IE. Just too many windows opened up on the screen, when using IE. Tabbed browsing makes Internet travel so much cleaner, and neat on the desktop. Does your wife utilize the tabbed browsing features of Firefox? For me, it is one of those features that is a must now. I simply cannot stand using IE for web browsing, and the only thing it is used for on my win32 systems is for Windows Update.

- Bruce

Wed Apr 27 18:19:07 2005: 402   TonyLawrence

My wife hasn't really grokked the tabs yet - I set her "home page" to three of her frequent sites, but I don't see her making use of it yet..

Wed Apr 27 22:25:13 2005: 403   drag

Why don't you just give up and let her use 'IE' again?

Just kidding. IE sucks.

In the past Netscape had support for a few things that Firefox/Mozilla proper lacked. Such as (bleh) ActiveX support.

So it may be a nice alternative browser for people that have corporate intranets that have MS-only features like Active X. Not that I have a lot of personal experiance with it, or even Netscape 8 would support stuff like that.


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