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Adobe Acrobat Reader ver.7 for Linux (beta)

© April 2005 bruceg

Author: bruceg
Date: Wed Apr 6 01:55:16 2005
Subject: Adobe Acrobat Reader ver.7 for Linux (beta) --BruceGarlock

Note:As of August 2009, the proper link is now Adobe Reader Download - All Versions

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-> Adobe Acrobat Reader ver.7 for Linux (beta)


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Wed Apr 6 14:38:03 2005: 281   drag

Good for Adobe.. One of the guys I work with was actually a beta tester. Says it's a much better product.

Although Adobe is very smart for supporting linux... It's getting quite stiff compitition here compared to Windows. For instance you have ghostscript, which is a free framework for making postscript/pdf files and OO.org has output-to-pdf feature which you have to pay for Adobe distiller for MS Office, I beleive.

Good stuff. Now I can have a nice program to get the odd pdf files that won't work in gpdf.

Also in a side note if you ever need to author professional looking PDF files, or make something to be published (like fliers or CD covers or whatnot) check out (link) It's a Linux/OSS application for desktop layout and publishing.


Wed Apr 6 17:08:03 2005: 282   bruceg2004

Scribus is a very cool app. It has really matured the past year or so, and very much usable on a daily basis now.


Thu Apr 7 01:22:57 2005: 288   bruceg2004

Did you find a template for CD or DVD covers? I only see a few templates included with the latest version. I guess I could always create my own, but if it has already been done, why waste time...



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