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Author: anonymous

I am pasting the problem in detail iam trying to edit some source codes and getting these errors please help me to get red of it

[[email protected] aon]# dir
[[email protected] aon]# cd DLR
[[email protected] DLR]# vi APM.MA (or any other source code)

then it shows

<<bbx>>^D^@^@^@^@^@^@^A#<93>^@^D ^U^@<92>^@^@^@
^@^[3"APM - Vendor Maintenance"^@^T^@^Q3"Program

can u please help me how to open the source code, iam not good on linux commands
so can u please reply me the command that i provide for editing this

If you found something useful today, please consider a small donation.

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Mon Jul 25 08:57:51 2005: 863   TonyLawrence

That's not source code. If it's editable at all, it would be within the Business Basic editor. There are many, many resources on the web - just Google for it. I'd start at (link)

It's not "Linux commands" either. This has absolutely nothing to do with Linux and would be precisely the same on Windows or anything else.

Mon Jul 25 22:49:34 2005: 867   anonymous

I recognize that as a pretty old Business Basic program converted to BBx. Browse over to (link)


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