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Importance of man pages and info docs

© July 2004 Tony Lawrence
Tue Jul 13 14:46:30 2004

Referencing: Finding Yesterday's date

I need to thank "Amber" for pointing out an option in the Linux "date" command that I never noticed. I'm always warning people that you need to read the man pages for even the most common commands when you work on more than one Unixish system, but I often forget that on Linux, you definitely need to read the "info" docs too. Sometimes those are just a rehash of the man page, but sometimes there is much more info there - including options NOT mentioned in the "man" page. In this case, the option (--date) is mentioned, but it isn't detailed, and is therefore easy to miss.

So thanks again, and I'll try to remember to read those "info" docs!

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-> Importance of man pages and info docs

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