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Windows vs. Linux/Unix

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Sat Jul 10 14:43:35 2004 Windows vs. Referencing: https://www.linux-tutorial.info/modules.php?name=Debate&pageid=10000

James Mohr is a long time Unix/Linux fan with a great Linux site at https://www.linux-tutorial.info/

Part of that site is a long series of articles on "The Great Linux-vs-NT Debate" which attempts to honestly dissect the virtues and faults of both OSes. I think Jim has done a great job with that and his site in general.

Recently, Jim took down those pages, explaining that they are out of date. I agree: Windows 7 isn't a bad operating system (though I still like almost anything else better).

I have my own (highly prejudiced) views of Linux/Unix vs. Windows:

Linux sucks, Windows is better than Linux
In Defense of Unix (and Linux, of course)
Dinner for Twenty
Still not as hard as Unix
Love it or hate it
NT vs. Unix

and probably other babblings I don't recall right now.

Jim's stuff is a lot more coherent. Jim is also the author of The SCO Companion and other books

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