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Unix is now officially dead

© July 2004 Tony Lawrence

Referencing: Bing

I visited the above link and asked it for "unix". No results.

Sorry, no results were found containing "unix"

1) Check your spelling. Are the words in your query spelled correctly?
2) Try using synonyms. Maybe the site you're looking for uses
slightly different words, like "film" instead of "movie".
3) Make your search more general. For example, instead of using
specific product names, try using the generic product category.

However, "Unix" does work. Good job, boys! You surely will drive Google into oblivion!

Interestingly. "microsoft" and "linux" work fine.. "SCO Unix" returns nothing, as it certainly should.

Of course they fixed that fairly quickly..

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-> Unix is now officially dead


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Well, they must have fixed it. I just did a "unix" search, and it came up with some results. The first link that came up, actually had a UNIX license plate for one of the graphics on the site :-)

- Bruce Garlock

---July 20, 2004

I also had an email back and forth campaign with the owner of the site, and in my most polite manner, I explained why I thought he was wrong. He seemed to focus on the number of reboots that are needed for linux, because of kernel updates, versus TCO. I tried to excplain to him, that about the only software licences that our company purchases, is for commercial backup software (ala Microlite Backup Edge). In fact, the folder in our fireproof safe for software licenses, is very thin. Just some licenses for our SCO machine, our Win2K server that houses payroll, and 4 or 5 Microlite Edge licenses.

- Bruce Garlock


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