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SCO Roadmap

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Wed Jun 16 11:17:44 GMT 2004 SCO Roadmap

Link: SCO Announces Broad Array of New Unix Products, Channel Support and Training Programs

If SCO wasn't suing IBM right now, this would be a lot more interesting. The SCOoffice Server 4.1 (a mail and messaging system) wasn't much when I looked at it last, but it has improved. But wouldn't it make more sense to do that as a Linux product? I don't know what they are thinking with this Smallfoot, described as "SCO's formal entry into the embedded UNIX market". That's definitely Linux territory, and trying to compete there seems more than difficult. The Vintela Authentication product could have some legs, but how many people would put up a whole server just for that? Oh, some big people maybe, but I don't see a big market for them here.

The implant of the Unixware kernel into OSR5 will be a useful upgrade for some who need larger files and other features OSR5 has lagged on. But again the question has to be asked: if the Unixware kernel is now able to transparently run OSR5 apps, what do we need OSR5 for? Shouldn't SCO stop wasting money on supporting and developing both Unixware and OSR5?

And of course all of this assumes they survive the IBM mess.

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Poor SCO. I am not a big fan of their activities, and especially since they are realy Caldera (company based on the Linux/.com boom even!) and not the original SCO fellas, but SCO's Unix OSes were a good thing for many people for many years.

But is there any situation were you would recommend replacing Linux with SCO, or even a new SCO installation?

Seems that between Solaris and Linux that SCO just got squeezed out of a market.


I can't imagine any situation where you would replace Linux with SCO.. unless there was some app you desperately needed that only runs on SCO, which is pretty unlikely nowadays.


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