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SCO Lawsuits drag on

Tue Jun 15 10:21:15 GMT 2004

Link: SCO Faces Tougher IP Battle Against Novell And IBM In Aftermath Of Recent Court Decisions (link dead, sorry)

The news of SCO's legal setbacks has been greeted by some as joyful, but as this article points out, setbacks are just setbacks, and don't mean the case is over. It certainly does mean that this part of the mess (who holds the copyrights) is confusing enough to warrant a trial.

It would seem that losing this case would make it rather difficult to continue with the IBM case, but if we look way back, we see that there has always been noise that case was a contract issue, not a copyright issue. I suppose that if Novell is held to own the copyrights, that might affect SCO's contract with IBM, but as usual, it's all far too complicated for me to make flat judgements.

It's going to be a pretty awful world if they do pull that rabbit out of the hat, though. Yeah, yeah, I know: can't happen, won't happen, SCO will lose, Linux will prevail. Well, I hope so, but it still isn't over.

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