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Windows 98 128 bit DUNS

This is an ancient post with no relevance to modern systems.

Obviously people should forget this and upgrade to at least Windows XP, but for whatever reason you may find yourself stuck with Windows 98 and 40 bit DUNS (Dial Up Networking). You aren't likely to be able to make a pptp vpn with 40 bit DUNS; you need the 128 bit version. That can be hard to find, and even when found, your machine may reject it.

First thing is to do all Microsoft Updates, and who knows? - maybe they'll stick it in there one of these times. If not, try these:

They aren't necessarily the same.. and you still may not get it to work.

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"Obviously people should forget this and upgrade to Windows XP..."

Dunno about others who made read this, but I sure don't consider Win XP an "upgrade."


Well, really, it is. Particularly XP professional is a BIG improvement over 98.


Kerio Samepage

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