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Google News Group Access

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Thu May 27 17:06:50 GMT 2004 Google News Group Access

Link: https://groups.google.com/

Google is beta testing a new groups tool that offers some big improvements:

    *  Group creation: Easily create, join, and search email-based
    mailing lists; administrative interface enables customized
    access controls to designate a group as public or restricted

    * Dynamic conversations: Postings to both Usenet and mailing
    lists appear in 10 seconds and are indexed within 10 minutes

    * Enhanced user interface: Track and mark favorite topics using
    the "My Groups" feature and view postings in a variety of ways
    including by message summary, title, or conversation view

The "10 seconds" of course only relates to other people who are also using Google, but that's still pretty good. On the "old" Google groups, it could take many. many hours for a post to show up.

At this writing, there's still some clunkiness here and there: one follow-up I made automatically quoted the article I was replying too, but the next time didn't, and neither copied the subject into my followup. So things may be a little broken here and there.

The idea of creating your own groups is something Yahoo has been doing for a long time now; Google apparently things they can do it better and maybe they can..

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