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Mac OS X Malware

Thu May 13 18:48:37 GMT 2004 Mac OS X Malware

Link: http://arstechnica.com/news/posts/1084392307.html

This is a trojan horse that deletes your home directory. I do question the articles comment:

The file is cunningly disguised as a Word 2004
for Mac demo  from the forthcoming Office 2004
for Mac suite.


The unfortunate reality is that you are running some risk any time you download and install anything - and it's even possible that purchased CD's could be compromised (viri have been introduced to commercial CD masters before).

March 2011: Pretty much the same old story: Mac users mostly do not worry about malware and viruses. Of course they exist; they just are not common.

See Don't be over confident about viruses and Are root powers responsible for malware counts? for more.

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