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No cell phones

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Sun May 9 12:21:17 GMT 2004 No cell phones

Interesting situation: I was recently told "You can't use your cell phone here". I asked why, and was told it was because of camera phones. "But this isn't a camera phone", I protested. The response: "We don't know that".


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"I was recently told 'You can't use your cell phone here'."

Was this at a concert, movie theatre or similar venue?


Yes, outdoor event. It is interesting that fear of cameras can limit cell phones. I'm a bit annoyed :-)


I would be, too, although not at the security folks. Rather, I'd be irritated with the bozos who indiscriminately use their camera phones and thus spoil things for other more considerate folks. I certainly hope one of these techno-dorks doesn't get in my face with one. He might end up wearing it.


Yes. I'm annoyed that cell phones evn HAVE cameras. No doubt I'm just a grumpy old fart, but I just don't see any need for cameras in phones, especially when it starts to affect my ability to use my camera-less phone. Of course, there are even grumpier old farts who see no need for cell phones to start with :-)


Well, this grumpy old dinosaur didn't see any need for a cell phone until late in 1999 when Y2K clients were clamoring to be able to reach me at any time, including, presumably, while in the bathroom. I've been real careful ever since to not be cavalier with giving out the number.

As for putting texting, cameras, LCD display and beer taps into cell phones, I think someone is missing the point. A telephone is for talking. If I want to take pictures I'll get a real camera, not one disguised to look like a phone.



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