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Microsoft panned by Gartner

Mon May 19 10:17:35 GMT 2003 Microsoft panned by Gartner

The Gartner group recommends shutting off Microsoft's Passport and suggests that Microsoft ought to release the code for open source review. As Microsoft has been trying to make the case that open source is less secure by reason of exposure of algorithms, it would be more than ironic if that actually took place.

More interesting this morning is Microsoft's licensing of Unix from SCO: http://news.com.com/2100-1016_3-1007528.html. It's very hard not to suspect that this has a lot to do with Microsoft wanting to kill Linux. Is Microsoft just handily financing SCO in hopes of their doing real damage?

The scary part about all this is that if SCO does succeed, a lot of businesses are adversely affected. Microsoft argued that punishing them too harshly for monopoly offenses would have had drastic effect on the economy; I think the same argument could be made about destroying Linux.

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