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IRC must be stopped!

© May 2004 Tony Lawrence

Link: The Internet's Wilder Side

Omigod. As if porn and spam weren't bad enough, the New York Times has now made us aware of even MORE EVIL lurking in the internet. You probably know nothing about this "I.R.C" thing (yep, they put the periods in) but according to a lovely graphic accompanying the piece, "Internet Relay Chat is a system of servers through which computer users with proper software can chat (in text) over a multitude of channels". I particularly liked the "(in text)" part.

And then there was:

"I.R.C. is where you are going to find your 'elite' level pirates,''
said John R. Wolfe, director for enforcement at the Business Software
Alliance, a trade group that fights software piracy.

This d00d knows his 3133t I.R.C pirates, fer sure!

Worse, "Advanced users can try to hide their personal Internet addresses". The article talks about all kinds of nastiness, hackers and warez:

Still, I.R.C. perhaps most closely resembles the cantina scene in
"Star Wars'': a louche hangout of digital smugglers, pirates,
curiosity seekers and the people who love them (or hunt them).
There seem to be I.R.C. channels dedicated to every sexual fetish,
and I.R.C. users speculate that terrorists also use the networks
to communicate in relative obscurity.

Terrorists? On the Internet? On this here I.R.C. thingy? Communicating in relative obscurity? Well, this is something begging for Congressional attention! I'd write mine today if I knew what channel to join..

Got something to add? Send me email.

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-> IRC must be stopped!


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CommentsBlog839 :

---November 4, 2004

Dec.15, 2004 This is the 3rd time that IRC billed my CC all unauthorized. I have no idea who they are or what they are. The first bill had a 800 number but it was not a good number and never had been a good number. Cancelled my credit card today so it will not happen again. The bank will dispute the funds and send it back. If it causes an overdraft they will charge IRC the fees. I will not purchase anything on line again without knowing my vendor.


---November 22, 2004
You are not alone, IRCalliance billed my credit card and initial amount of 4.75, three months ago. It has billed me 29.95 every month since then. I have disputed the charges with my credit card company and they have credited my account every time. I just looked at my bill on line again today, and lo and behold, there is a new charge of 29.95 from IRCalliance. I am going to cancel my credit card and have them issue a new one. There is no phone number or address affiliated with this company, so the only way I can stop them is by cancelling my card.

Hope this helps.


---November 22, 2004

as of today we have 6 charges of 30.00 on our bankcard and no information to be found regarding ircalliance westjordan have had to get the federal goverment involved to figure this one out. if any one else out there is
having a problem please post it immediately.

---November 23, 2004

"There is no phone number or address affiliated with this company, so the only way I can stop them is by cancelling my card."

The bank that is processing this company's posts has this information -- they cannot process credit card charges without it. Insist that your credit card issuer obtain that information for you and tell them you will dispute all charges on your bill until they do give you this info. Contrary to what you may think, the consumer is in the driver's seat with this stuff. Get the Feds involved as well.

Question is: how did they get your CC number? Did you blindly hand it out without knowing who the other party was?


---November 23, 2004

The bank may have it, but that doesn't mean they'll give it to you or that they will help you resolve a problem. I had that a few years back with a company that kept charging me every month. The credit card company would happily take the charge off every month, and the company never disputed that, but the next month, there would be a new charge. The cc company would not stop the new charges; I had to call every time. I got sick of it and cancelled the card.


Well, a number of years ago I had a similar experience. I referred it to state authorities and, sure enough, the problem came to an abrupt end -- I even got a call apoligizing for all the trouble that was caused by the bank's ineptness. A bank might try to stonewall *you* but they will cave in if the law comes calling. <Smile>


---December 16, 2004

---December 16, 2004

---December 23, 2004
I have received charges from this same people three times. My credit card company is issueing me a new card with a new number and their fraud dept. sent me a statement to sign, which I did. I hope they are doing somthing about this.


Needless to say, the above series of posts should be a strong hint to those who would recite their credit card numbers over the phone to a stranger or send them through an insecure link to a website. If you aren't absolutely positive of the identity of the recipient of your personal information, *** DON'T SEND IT! ***

Also, be sure to print a copy of whatever transaction page is displayed when you enter your information so you have some ammunition if a dispute arises. I do this as a routine matter, even when I deal with entities that I have trusted and worked with for a long time. Only once have I had a problem with an improper transaction, and as I said a few posts ago, as soon as I got the proper authorities involved, the problem was quickly and satisfactorily resolved.


---January 12, 2005

YES! This same address has shown up on our CC too at $29.95 -just noticed it in Dec bill but in checking past statements found several more.! Who are these people...will call CC today and hope for the best -I have never sent my CC # to someone I didn't know.
...a dumber TREX

---January 28, 2005

Yip! We have seen "IRCALLIANCE WEST JORDAN UT" on our CC statements too, billing $29.95, for several months now! Tried to call the 800 number, but it was a phony. Hope I don't have to cancel the card! Cyber pirates... lurking in the cyber waters... :-)

---January 31, 2005

Me, too. I changed my credit card number and the credit card comkpany transferred the charges to the new number! Now, I'm just going to cancel the account completely.

Fri Apr 29 12:50:02 2005: 409   anonymous

IRCalliance shows the phone # as 866-579-1742 and 801-373-0280 and they are out of Utah - zip code 84088

Thu Nov 10 01:14:08 2005: 1321   anonymous

I just found out that some IRCALLIANCE have stolen 60 dollars from my creditcard, and I looked at the note on my bankaccount and didnt understand from where I should have used this amount of money, cause Im not American and do not use dollars in the every day, so I wondered and then searched by the name of this from my banknote, and came to this site to see that Im not the only one!
But what do I do now - besides getting a new credit card, is it possible to get the money back?
What have you done???

It totally SUCKS!!!!!!!

//danish skjoldmoe

Thu Nov 10 11:30:55 2005: 1322   TonyLawrence

You need to talk to your credit card company. We don't know anything about this IRCALLIANCE thing.. it just was mentioned in the comments and google keeps sending people here.

Tue Dec 6 21:11:04 2005: 1412   anonymous

I am in a similar boat. I just discovered that IRCalliance charged my card a second time for $59.95. The first time that the charge hit my account I thought that it was something that I bought that I had forgotten about, but now I know it isn't. I called my back, and luckily the money is insured by the FDIC here in the US, but the only way to stop the charges is to cancel out my old card and get a new one issued. This does completely suck. I know that there are agencies that you can complain to, but I am not sure what they are. I think that the United States FBI web site monitors online illegal activity, but I cannot remember. Good luck to all of you with this issue. I know that it is a mess for me and I am sure it is for you all too.

Fri Dec 9 07:14:20 2005: 1416   anonymous

I have two credit card charges worth $100 from IRCALLIANCE 866-5791742 UT. Is there anyone who knows what they are??

Fri Dec 9 15:15:32 2005: 1418   BigDumbDinosaur

I have two credit card charges worth $100 from IRCALLIANCE 866-5791742 UT. Is there anyone who knows what they are??

You must have this site confused with a bank. This is a computer tech site, not one of those on-line banks. Why don't you call the entity that issued your card and ask them?

Sat Dec 10 05:28:35 2005: 1426   anonymous

It happened to me too.They took the money out of my account 2 times $59.95 .I called to check it, and it is an Online coaching company. They teach people how to sell stuff online. So i told my bank, and i hope i'll get my money back

Sat Feb 4 06:53:39 2006: 1602   anonymous

Even I, here in Phils., a low paid gov't worker who is just new with credit cards, have acquired cc because plenty are being offered,
my HSBC card, had billing for Nov. and Dec., 2005 worth $59.29 which is more than Peso 6,000. How can I ever pay this amount. May I make an appeal to this very smart men, please spare us, poor citizens of the Phils.. Thank you.

Mon Feb 20 16:08:43 2006: 1673   anonymous

I have the same problem, I never give any authorisation to debit my credit card and since 6 months I have been charge $ 59.95 on my credit card. I dont leave in the USA and I dont know What I have to do to resolve this matter.

Sun Jan 6 00:28:53 2008: 3399   anonymous

Same IRC Alliance for $59.95 in Mapleton, Utah
Doesn't my credit card company have to have an address to send the $59.95 to?

Sun Jan 6 00:45:18 2008: 3400   TonyLawrence

Again: Google became confused because someone foolishly commented here without reading thoroughly. We can't help you.

Sun Dec 20 20:29:24 2009: 7774   ursulalopez


This co. also did it to me on 12-19-09 the co charge my Child Support Account. I was looking for information on this co. and couldnt believe that I came across this Blog. How could they do this to people It just isn't right for them to be able to get away with this. As for me this is suppose to a govement Issued Card and not even then it Stops!!!!! These co.'s from doing this. That pretty Low. When taking a way from Childres Child Support Fund! What you think about that? And I hope they see this Blog too.

Sun Dec 20 21:19:20 2009: 7776   TonyLawrence


Yet again: Google became confused because someone foolishly commented here without reading thoroughly. We can't help you.

Sun Dec 20 21:19:41 2009: 7777   TonyLawrence


Yet again: Google became confused because someone foolishly commented here without reading thoroughly. We can't help you.

Sun Dec 20 21:25:26 2009: 7778   TonyLawrence


Let me try to explain:

The original post was a satiric comment on the naivete of a NYT reporter. Some other person misread the post and the NYT article entirely and made a comment about something totally unrelated and that continues to this day.


Mon Dec 21 13:35:20 2009: 7783   BigDumbDinosaur


Ah, the subject that refuses to die. We need to get Eric Holder on this! <Grin>


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