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I miss my Mac!

© May 2004 Tony Lawrence

Mon May 3 16:45:11 GMT 2004 I miss my Mac!

It's May, so we start our vacation schedule: four or five days a week at our "summer" place. As I've said before, vacation schedule doesn't mean I'm not working; I'm just working in a different place. Working requires a computer, and last year I brought my Mac iBook. But this year my wife has a new XP notebok, and she wants to be able to keep up with her computer-related tasks too, so we packed her machine instead. She still hates my Mac.

Yes, I could set up a little network here and bring both machines, but gosh, this is not a big place: a 37 foot "park model" trailer is roomy by RV standards, but it's not a house. Two computers is one too many, so I will suffer the indignities of XP while here.

Not that using XP is as bad as using Win 98 would have been. But just as we lack some creature comforts while not living at home, I lose a few things that I like, not the least of which is having a real Unix OS at my immediate fingertips.

One of the things I dislike the most is that XP still has the time honored habit of ignoring you for long periods of time when it thinks it has better things to do. This is particularly so when first logging in, but it can happen any time. Unix boxes can do that too, but aren't so stubborn about giving you a little slice of their attention. Because Windows is not inherently multiuser, its task scheduling is sluggish when we pretend that it is. Annoying.

I have Microsofts Services for Unix installed, so at least I have a fair-to-middling Unix-like environment available, but so much is missing that all it really does is tick me off and make me miss my Mac even more.

Well, it was a beautiful weekend up here in the mountains, so I'm not really as grumpy as I sound. Near 80 degree weather, the predicted rain was far less than expected, so we truly were "happy campers" - in spite of putting up with XP.

Update:Nowadays I'd just take my iPad and use Parallels to access it remotely.

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-> I miss my Mac!

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