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More reasons not to click on Email links

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Tue Dec 16 21:02:56 GMT 2003 More reasons not to click on Email links

Link: No MS Security Issues In December? Think Again!

I had mentioned not clicking on email links earlier, but now there's even more reason to worry about it (from the above link):

In addition, there's is a particular problem in Internet Explorer which allows a malicious coder to make it appear as if the user is viewing a different Web site than they actually are viewing.

Mozilla and Safari don't have that same problem, by the way - it's strictly an Internet Explorer problem.

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-> More reasons not to click on Email links

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"There are many variations of this particular scheme, and surprisingly some of them partially work on Mozilla as well.

The anchor link version of this vulnerability also results in the partial, incorrect address being displayed in the status line as the user hovers the mouse over the link. Versions of Mozilla I tested (Versions 1.0 and 1.5) also showed the partial address in the status line, although they displayed the full address in the address bar"

Admittedly not as severe as IE, but some versions of Mozilla can be misleading as well. Hovering over that test link in the article showed the fake address only in Firebird 0.7 on Linux...


And yet again Opera shines on both Linux and Win32....again....and again....and again...


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