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Security Reminders

Fri Nov 28 19:46:04 GMT 2003 Security Reminders

Links: newsvac.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=03/11/28/1545237 (link dead, sorry)Debian attacker may have used new exploit
macslash.org/article.pl?sid=03/11/26/1240248 (link dead, sorry) New Security Hole In Mac OS X

The Debian Linux exploit was apparently a case of escalation: getting into the system with an ordinary user account, and then somehow becoming root.

The Mac exploit requires a "evil" DHCP server on YOUR network; rather unlikely ordinarily, but if your DHCP server was compromised by some weakness on it, this could be a concern.

So, let's remember the basics: weak passwords are dangerous. People who don't need to login remotely shouldn't be able to. Unnecessary services shouldn't be left running, even if they are supposedly "safe" behind a firewall. There are plenty of potential security problems that you can't absolutely control, but if you aren't doing at least the basics, you are just asking for trouble.

Reminder to SME clients: by default, NO remote user is allowed remote access or VPN use, and all other access (FTP, Telnet etc.) is completely off.. You can turn off ssh and vpn access entirely through your admin control panel.

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