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Professional Librarians are NOT needed.

Mon Nov 24 20:07:38 GMT 2003 Professional Librarians are NOT needed.

Link: Web Pages Are Weak Links in the Chain of Knowledge

I've bitched about this kind of thing in the past. The problem isn't the Web, and it isn't (as the article says) that web masters aren't trained as professional librarians. How much "training" does it take to know that if you move something people aren't going to find it when they go looking where it last was? Does that bit of wisdom require an advanced degree? If it does, we are in a LOT of trouble..

Nor is it (as some Slashdot commentary has it) that only unimportant pages disappear or move. I don't think anybody cares if the 18th gazillion copy of a RedHat RPM listing disappears from Billy's "8th Grade is Kool!" Website. Fact is, important stuff, stuff people WANT, gets moved around by lazy and ignorant "webmasters". Sure, sometimes your initial site design doesn't work out and you need to reorganize things, but all that takes is intelligent 404 handling that still knows where the damn thing is now.

Deleting pages is a different issue, but still one that should be entertained with plenty of sober thought and reflection. Yes, sometimes a page needs to be deleted. Sometimes, though, it wouold be a lot smarter to replace it with something else.

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