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Antivirus scheme threat to Linux?

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Link: Cisco Working to Block Viruses at the Router

When I first read that, I thought maybe that Cisco was going to do some pattern scanning, but no, that's not it at all:

The system under development will allow a computer network to check the safety of incoming traffic. Any device trying to connect to the network will be checked to see whether it has security measures already in place.

Those that don't can be denied access, shunted off into a quarantined segment of the network or forced to download a security program.

That's conceptually similar to the Internet Access is not a right I've worried about, and Slashdot is right to comment that this has potential danger for non-Microsoft systems.

The other thing is how it would determine that. I would think a compromised machine could easily fake whatever Cisco might check for.

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-> Antivirus scheme threat to Linux?

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