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Thu Apr 24 18:10:27 GMT 2003 Techdata

I don't do business with Tech Data anymore. I haven't for a while, and I was reminded of why when they recently sent me an email asking me to complete a survey.

I intended to do the survey, and perhaps use that as an opportunity to explain WHY I don't buy anything from them anymore. The reason simply is that they make it too hard: they require Microsoft browsers, they require Java, they require you to change passwords frequently and the passwords have to be exactly 8 characters long, and then after all that they won't give you decent prices unless you are buying a LOT. Very often I could go to a retail store and get a better price than TD's supposed reseller pricing!

But, I couldn't do the survey because, as usual, they made it too hard. My password had expired, there was an error when I tried to change it, and they wanted me to call some 800 number.

I'm not going to be put through hoops to tell someone that their problem is that they put people through hoops.

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