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Samba and PDC's

Link: Samba 3.0 Does Windows Even Better

Samba sure is getting a lot of attention, isn't it?

Pet peeve though, which has nothing particularly to do with Samba: I see far too many networks with domain controllers that never should have been set up that way. Small offices, with a handful of cooperating users, and absolutely no need for the complex security and maintenance of a PDC, and yet they get set up that way, mostly because incompetent (yes, dammit, incompetent) Windows techs don't know any other way.

What's really dumb about is that time after time I find that these things get turned into effective peer to peer networks: yeah, the people do domain logins, but there's nothing that everybody doesn't have full access control on. So what was the point? It just complicates things and makes life more difficult.

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Sat Apr 18 16:57:38 2015: 12666   anonymous


This is exactly what I have been thinking for years. With everything going to web based apps, what do we need a Domain Controller for other that simple user centralization. Install a NAS and allow users to share folders or not. I will look into Samba if this does what the blogs have been saying...Thanks!

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