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SCO Attacks GPL

© October 2003 Tony Lawrence

Tue Oct 28 10:42:45 GMT 2003 SCO Attacks GPL

Link: SCO Declares Total War on the GPL -- Says GPL Is Not Enforceable

While this was inevitable (sooner or later,somebody was going to do it), it is still a little shocking to see it done by a Unix company - and a Unix company that was once a Linux company!

I think this can only be harmful to SCO. They of course have every right to try to kill what they see as something trying to kill them:

Linux is, in actuality, an unauthorized version of UNIX that is structured, assembled and designed to be technologically indistinguishable from UNIX, and practically is distinguishable only in that Linux is a 'free' version of UNIX designed to destroy proprietary operating system software.

Funny thing about death and destruction: people tend to react when they think someone is threatening them with it.

In reality, though, Linux and Open Source are the only hope Unix has.Microsoft was never worried about SCO, or even Sun. Only Linux scared them. There was room for SCO to survive alongside Linux, but if Linux falls, Microsoft owns the road. I means OWNS it. One hundred percent, no Irish need apply, private party, invitation only. Owns it.

Well, I have faith: I think that the legal system will file this nonsense where it belongs. If they don't, I would hope for a public uproar, but I'm not sure there's enough people aware of the importance of this to make a difference, so that might be futile. But maybe not, and maybe it's nothing to worry about at all.

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