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More on SCO/IBM Suit

Mon Oct 27 20:30:14 GMT 2003 More on SCO/IBM Suit

Link: www.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=03/10/27/1541204 (link dead, sorry) SCO attempting to mislead judge?

The problem with this stuff is that all the legal mumbo-jumbo just makes my eyes glaze over. Where's Perry Mason? I need somebody to badger the witness in words I can stay awake through. I want to know where Darl McBride was on the night IBM allegedly slipped the code to their cohorts in Linuxland. And what about that code? Where has it been since then, Miss IBMstress? Your car was seen parked outside Linus Torvald's house until three A.M. You claim you were taking care of a sick bdflush routine, but were you really? Or in fact were you actually over at the Longhorn bar, consorting with Billy Gates? What exactly was in that brown paper bag Mr. Gates passed to Darl McBride on that day?

Seriously, this is what I worry about. It's all too confusing, even for those of us who care enough to make an effort. What will Mr. and Mrs. Average Jury Pool make of it?

Well, maybe they won't have to. If people really are lying to the judge, that's a great way to lose a case right away - or get it tossed right out.

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Wed Dec 5 22:18:31 2007: 3295   TonyLawrence

Four years later and this STILL isn't over.. though it is getting closer to (I hope).

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