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Microsoft Interoperability

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Mon Oct 20 18:31:27 GMT 2003 Microsoft Interoperability

Link: An Open Letter to Microsoft

Here we have Bob Evans chiding Microsoft, telling them

You're much better than that, Microsoft, and you have a tremendous opportunity with Linux to do the right thing that will have not only immediate benefit to your customer but also, by extension, longer-range benefits for you.

Yeah, right. It's similar to what someone said about snakes: it's not their fault that they bite you, that's their nature. Microsoft knows no other way but annihilation; like Grant in the U.S. Civil War, they see victory only through destruction of the enemy. Grant was no doubt correct, and perhaps Microsoft is too: the best competitor is a dead competitor. Smarmy interoperability is for wannabees, those who aren't king of the hill.

I doubt Bob's letter would get anything but chuckles from Gates and Gang. Big Bird isn't going to get these guys to spell out "cooperation" : even threats from the Justice Department haven't bowed them much. They are going to continue being as aggressive and ruthless as ever, and if they ever did make any nod toward interoperability with Linux, you can bet your bippy it would be structured to make the most trouble down the line.

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