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Virus Insurance?

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Mon Oct 13 13:53:11 GMT 2003 Virus Insurance?

Link: Insurance Companies Struggle With The Virus Question

Is your company insured for electronic sabotage? According to the New York Times article reference above, most companies are not, but that might be because they don't know that their regular policies don't cover them.

This demands the question: do insurers that offer such policies take notice of the obvious differences between a Microsoft and Unix/Linux environment? Do they distinguish companies employing firewalls, virus scanning and web access controls? They certainly should.

I'd also be interested if any take a pro-active role. I used to work in the industrial boiler business, so was very aware of companies like Factory Mutual, which set standards for certain types of equipment etc. Wouldn't you think insurers would be interested in the security provisions in place?

Well, maybe some are already, but my bet is you'll see more of this.

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