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We're safe for a while

Mon Sep 15 12:31:58 GMT 2003 We're safe for a while

Link: Brain beats all computers(link dead, sorry)

I wish this article had gone into more detail; I would be interested in that. There's an abstract and a pdf you can purchase at http://www.kluweronline.com/ issn/1389-1987(link dead, sorry) if you are really curious.

The overview is that these folks have decided that the human brain's memory capacity is something around 10^8432 bytes. That's enough that we shouldn't have to worry about machines replacing us outright for a little while longer.

Of course memory isn't everything. Processing power is where machines beat us, at least for the simple things. But how well would a Mac G5 cluster do if it had to do a search through 10^8432 bytes of interrelated data? I'm not up to that calculation this morning (too many other things to do), but it's an interesting thought..

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"I'm not up to that calculation this morning (too many other things to do), but it's an interesting thought."

You just need to fsck before getting up. <Smile>


"I'm not up to that calculation this morning"....how the hell are you going to calculate that, if you don't even know the difference between a "bit" and "byte"...it's originally 10^8432 BITS! don't make it hard on yourself and begin reviewing some exponential arithmetic first...

How can humans be so slow at simple things, even create machines that can do this much faster? ....with that amount of memory in our brains, why is it so hard to memorize things, study for a test, etc? Even when we're slow doing routine tasks, imagine how much processing we do when we see things, given that HDTV looks like crap compared to our
vision... let alone hearing...

==we live in a world of differences==

The reason is that the supposedly simple things like walking about, putting your shoes on, etc. take a lot more computing power than most people imagine. Vision demands tremendous resources. And then there's all the stuff we don't think about at all - the lower level processing.

Oh, and I know the difference between a bit and a byte :-) Can't find the original article so don't know if I screwed it up or they did, but that was hardly the point anyway. Thanks for your nastiness, though - it's always good to be reminded that the world isn't going to run out of jackasses anytime soon.


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