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Who Killed Apple Computer?

Fri Sep 12 18:21:47 GMT 2003 Who Killed Apple Computer?

Link: http://apple.computerhistory.org/stories/storyReader$72 (link dead, sorry) Who Killed Apple Computer?

I didn't know it was dead.

OK, I get the point: Apple "coulda been a contenda". Well, maybe. But maybe not: nobody plays hardball like Microsoft, so even if Apple hadn't made all the mistakes chronicled here, the results may have been no different.

However, it's a different world today. As disappointing as the U.S. Justice Department settlement was, Microsoft is at least mildly restrained from repeating some of its more aggressive competition nullifying acts. Microsoft also has its own set of problems now too, and is more than a little distracted by Linux.

Enter the new Apple, with its shiny new Unix based Mac OS X, and maybe this time the boys have a better chance.

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