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Microsoft gives something away

Fri Sep 12 12:32:32 GMT 2003 Microsoft gives something away

Link: Microsoft goes to Hollywood

"Microsoft has decided to surrender the key family jewels to SMPTE to see that video engineers adopt it as an alternative to MPEG-2," said Richard Doherty, a director at research firm The Envisioneering Group.

"Windows Media 9 Series has not succeeded in as many systems or as many entertainment products as they hoped, and there's been a lot of criticism of how closed it is," Doherty said. "This is smart by them to run this up a standard's flagpole."

For some reason, "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts" comes to mind. Probably just my naturally suspicious nature, right?

Update: I guess the succeeded. Wikipedia says "The latest generation of WMV is standardized by SMPTE as the VC-1 standard."

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