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More on SCO's distaste for Open Source

Wed Sep 10 20:17:50 GMT 2003

Link: The Rise Of Linux

I ranted on a bit about Darl McBride in another entry here, but I also need to add that Darl is forgetting one very important thing:

Applications matter.

Operating Systems only matter to geeks like me.

The real importance of Linux is what the article referenced above talks about: ISV's using it to build systems that they sell. That was, by the way, once a market that SCO did very well in and easily could have held on to if they hadn't done just about everything possible to kill it for themselves. But that water has long passed the bridge and has been in the sewers for some time now.

I think Darl has forgotten what drives the market he wants to reclaim. It's applications, not operating systems. The OS is just the base. It's important, yes, but apps and the people who put it all together are what really drives this engine.

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